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Bureau Meeting

1st Bureau of 13th Governing Council (GC) of the NAM S&T Centre meets at Harare, Zimbabwe on 8-9 September 2014

Centre Organised

3rd International Workshop on Mineral Processing and Beneficiation, Harare (Zimbabwe), 11-14 September 2014

Inauguration of Minerals Processing and Beneficiation Workshop

H.E. Robert G. Mugabe, Honourable President of Zimbabwe Inaugurates Centre's Workshop on Minerals Processing and Beneficiation in Harare

NAM S&T Centre of Excellence on Minerals Processing and Beneficiation in Zimbabwe

H.E. Robert G. Mugabe, Honourable President of Zimbabwe offers to host NAM S&T Centre of Excellence on Minerals Processing and Beneficiation

RTF-DCS Fellowship Scheme 2013-2014
Research Project Completion Reports

Science and Technology News in the Developing World
  Algeria / Malaysia: Cheap, Eco-Friendly Building Bricks


Brazil: Sensor identifies Insects by Wingbeat Frequency
  Costa Rica: App designed to report Dengue Breeding Sites
  Djibouti: New E-campus Platform launched for Francophone Africa
  India: Indian Spacecraft Probe MOM in Mars Orbit


India: Biocompatible Films for Drug Delivery and Wound Dressing
  India: New Vaccine to fight Cholera


Mexico: Navigation Device for Blind People
  Morocco: R&D Funding for CSP Activity


Morocco: Swimming Dinosaur
  Namibia: FAO Support to Namibian Agriculture
  Pakistan: Insect Resistant Plants expressing Spider Venom Toxin (Hvt)


Vietnam: Licenses to Four GM Corn Varieties

Participation of Centre's Personnel in Workshops/Seminars/Conferences

Distinguished Visitors to the Centre

Photo Gallery - VIP Visits to NAM S&T Centre

New Publication

Industrial Biotechnology in Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries: Current Status and Future Prospects

Centre Announces

International Workshop on Science, Technology & Innovation Policy Making for Developing Countries, Kish Island, Iran, 28th November 1st December 2014


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