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Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Science, Technology and Innovation Ministerial Conference, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, 22-24 February 2015

Project Completion Reports: RTF-DCS Fellowship Scheme 2013-2014

Science and Technology News in the Developing World
  Brazil: Plasma to combat Oral Biofilm


Brazil: Sensor for Detection of Dengue before Appearance of the First Symptoms
  China: Molecular Fan opens under Light
  Colombia: National Mercury Plan to phase out Use of Mercury in Industrial Processes
  Ethiopia: Ethiopian Jawbone may mark Dawn of Humankind


Guyana: Launch of Public - Private Partnership to support Alternative Energy in Rice Industry


India: Porous Hydrogel to carry Drugs
  India: Sensor for Detection of Medullary Thyroid Cancer


Indonesia: Free Permits for New Small and Medium Enterprises
  Iran: New Facultative Barley Variety for Cold Dryland Areas


Kenya: Geothermal Investments contribute to Green Energy Growth
  Saudi Arabia: Attosecond Laser Biomedical Laboratory
  Uganda: Project N2Africa for Africa’s Fertiliser Gap


Uganda: Trial for 3-D Printing of Prostheses

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Joint NAM S&T Centre - ZMT Bremen (Germany) Fellowship in Tropical Coastal Marine Ecology and Biogeochemistry-2015


Joint NAM S&T Centre - ICCBS Karachi (Pakistan) Fellowship 2015-16


Research Training Fellowship for Developing Country Scientists RTF DCS 2015-16


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