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International Workshop on Drought Management and Desertification Control, Mashhad, Iran, 22-24 May 2017

Official Opening

Third Joint NAM S&T Centre - DST / MINTEK Training Fellowship Programme on Minerals Processing and Beneficiation

Project Completion Reports

   RTF-DCS Fellowship Scheme 2016-2017                                                  NAM S&T Centre - ZMT Fellowship Scheme 2016

Science and Technology News in the Developing World


Brazil: Nanoparticles coated with Antibiotic eliminate Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Brazil: New Chip to detect Dengue Virus

China: Genetic Modification of Escherichia Coli for Propionate Production
China: Largest Solar Powered Unmanned Plane
Egypt: Innovation to slash Energy Consumption

Ghana: Africa's First Functioning Radio Telescope outside South Africa using Defunct Communications Dish
India: Fluoride Removal by Graphene from Brown Seaweed
India: Novel Malaria Control Method by using Crab Shell Powder
Indonesia: Aquaculture as Main Driver of Mangrove Loss
Mexico: Rapid Development of Improved Maize Varieties using New Selection Method
Morocco: Working Programme with International Energy Agency (IEA)
Thailand: Tilapia Virus Outbreak FAO Warning

Get-Together of RTF-DCS Fellows in NAM S&T Centre

Past Scientific Associates of NAM S&T Centre

Participation of Centre's Scientists in Scientific Events

Distinguished Visitors to the Centre

Photo Gallery - VIP Visits to NAM S&T Centre

Centre Announces

2nd Training Workshop on Industrial Biotechnology: Driving Value Addition and Beneficiation Harare, Zimbabwe, 22-24 August 2017


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