Bahrain: Launch of National Space Science Agency

Bahrain's National Space Science Agency held its inaugural meeting on 9th April 2014 to draft regulatory frameworks and determine next steps in its bid to advance the discipline in the kingdom. The agency's new board also discussed the possible ratification of international space-related agreements such as the Outer Space Treaty, the Rescue Agreement, the Space Liability Convention, the Registration Convention and the Moon Agreement. In February 2014, the King of Bahrain had issued a decree to establish a first-of-its-type national authority for aerospace sciences. The new agency seeks to establish sound infrastructure for the observation of outer space and the earth, make Bahrain a leader in space science and technology, build a culture and methodology of scientific research within the kingdom and encourage technical innovation, among other goals. The new agency is interested in satellites to obtain data, to use them for remote sensing and to conduct advanced space research, so it can be the engine for the state in the use of the latest satellite communication technologies. Experts believe that Bahrain can benefit from the experiences of states such as Algeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Singapore, Pakistan, Japan and others having a long history in space science. Bahrain's capacity in this field is very modest at present and its development will require a long term strategy in order to bear fruit.

Source: Al-shorfa, 24th April 2014