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  The Centre has brought out the following 93 publications, including 77 technical books, 3 monographs, 9 workshop proceedings, 4 status reports and directories in various priority areas and 1 Monograph:  

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Author and ISBN

  (A)  Technical Books:  
1. Smart Agriculture for Developing Nations Status, Perspectives and Challenges 2023 (Ed) Kandiah Pakeerathan

ISBN 978-981-19-8737-3

Climate Change Adaptations in Dryland Agriculture in Semi-Arid Areas

2022: (Eds.) Xavier Poshiwa and G. Ravindra Chary

ISBN 978-981-16-7860-8


Air Pollution and Public Health Challenges, Interventions and Sustainbale Solutions

2021 (Eds.) Nour Shafik El-Gendy and Vartika Mathur

ISBN: 978-93-90951-00-0


The Role of Science Popularization in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

2021 (Eds.) Akram Ghadimi and Hasan Jawaid Khan

ISBN: 978-93-89934-22-9


One Health Perspective on Antimicrobial Resistance and Some Strategies for its Mitigation

2020: (Eds.) Hari Mohan Saxena and Simeon Fogue Kouam

ISBN: 978-93-89934-16-8


Drug Development from Natural Resources - Scope and Challenges

2020:  (Ed.)  SubbaRao V. Madhunapantula

ISBN: 978-93-89934-15-1


Sustainability of Leather Sector in Developing Countries

2020:  (Ed.)  Dr. EuchariaNgoziOparah

ISBN: 978-93-89934-02-1


Vaccines in Developing Countries: Needs, Production Capacity and Immunization Strategies

2019: (Eds.) Mahmoud M. Bahgat and Ibeh Bartholomew

ISBN: 978-81-942903-3-9


Technological Innovation and Management for Sustainable Development

2019: (Eds.)   Rabindra Prasad Dhakal and Caroline Taiwo Ojo

ISBN: 978-93-87997-90-5


Mitigating the Impact of Extreme Natural Events in Developing Countries

2019: (Eds.)   R. J. Durrheim and B.G.N. Sewwandi

ISBN: 978-93-88982-16-0


Evolving Industrial Biotechnology in Developing Countries

2019: (Eds.) Lucy Ogbadu,  Godwin Ogbadu and Prof. Courtie Mahamadi

ISBN: 978-93-88982-01-6


Evolving Energy Models in Emerging Economies - POST COP 21

2018: (Ed.)  Sasi K. Kottayil

ISBN: 978-93-5124-972-6


Drought Management and Desertification Control- Still Miles to Go

2018: (Eds.)  R.P. Dhir and Kisamba Mugerwa

ISBN: 978-93-5124-971-9


Development of Solar Power Generation and Energy Harvesting

2018: (Eds.) Engr. Muhammed Musa Gaji and Dr. Abhishek Verma

ISBN: 978-93-5124-949-8


Technology Transfer and Commercialisation

2018: (Ed.) Sheikha Al Akhzami
ISBN: 978-93-5124-911-5


Science, Technology and Innovation Policies and Strategies Development in Developing Countries

2018: (Ed.) Zakaria Fouad Fawaz Hassan Abdalla

ISBN: 978-93-5124-902-3


Climate Events and Natural Disaster Mitigation: from Policy to Practice

2017: (Eds.) Alejandro Linayo Rivero; Jayant K. Routray and Biswajeet  Pradhan

ISBN: 978-93-5124-869-9


Minerals Processing: Technology, Challenges and Perspectives

2017: (Ed.) G. Padmanabham

ISBN: 978-93-5124-856-9


Lightning Impacts in Developing Countries of Africa and Asia

2017: (Ed.) Ronald L. Halle and Edmund Ataremwa


S&T Diplomacy and Sustainable Development in the Developing Countries

2016 (Eds.) Tahereh Miremadi, Abdul Haseeb Arabzai and Sadhana Relia

ISBN: 978-93-5124-823-1


Drug Discovery from Herbs - Approaches and Applications

2016: (Eds.) Suresh Bhojraj, Tijen Talas -Ogras, Shamiem Adam and Subba Rao V. Madhunapantula

ISBN: 978-93-5124-821-7


The Science, Technology and innovation Policy Making – Its Trends and Objectives in the Developing Countries

2016: (Eds.) Budzanani Tacheba, Maryam Shaeri and Adnan Jawdat Judeh Youssef

ISBN: 978-93-5124-783-8


Sustainable Energy for All: Transforming Commitments to Action - Lessons learned and actions for the future

2016: (Eds.) Moustafa Eissa, R. Harikumarand Jyoti  Prasad Painuly

ISBN: 978-93-5124-700-5


Transferring Nanotechnology Concept Towards Business Perspectives

2016: (Eds.) Shogo Shimazu and Silvester Tursiloadi

ISBN: 978-93-5124-701-2


Empowering Women in Developing Countries: ICT Applications and Benefits

2015: (Eds.) Finarya Legoh and Suman Kapur

ISBN: 978-93-5124-627-5


The Role of Micro Hydro Power as a Sustainable Energy Solution in Developing Countries

2015: (Eds.) Sultan Ali Javid, Wim Jonker Klunne and Surender Bhakta Mathema
ISBN: 978-93-5124-626-8


Lightning Science & Lightning Protection: Some Selected Topics

2015: (Eds.) Estelle Trengove and Foster Chileshe Lubasi


Minerals Processing & Beneficiation

2015: (Eds.) Awni Al-Otoom and Mohammad Al-Harahsheh


Industrial Biotechnology in Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries: Current Status and Future Prospects

2014: (Eds.) Maranda Esterhuizen – Londt and Abdelfattah Badr


Contemporary Management Strategies in Intellectual Property Rights Relevant to NAM and Other Developing Countries

2014: (Eds.) Sarah Norkor Anku, Olufolake Sola Davies and Rungano Karimanzira

ISBN: 978-93-5124-308-3


Science and Technology Diplomacy in Developing Countries

2014: (Eds.) Bernard J. Zahuranec, Venugopalan Ittekkot and Elizabeth Montgomery

ISBN: 978-93-5124-311-3


Nanotechnology in the edge of Convergence

2013: (Eds.) Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis, Kostadin Grozev Kostadinov and Arshad Saleem Bhatti


Harnessing the Potentials of New and Advanced Materials for Developing Economies

2013: (Ed.) Eric Mwangi

ISBN: 978-81-7035-924-1


Role of Science Centres for Sustained and Responsible Growth in Developing Countries

2013: (Eds.) Faivey David Kramer, Ruben Lara Lara and Ian Russel

ISBN: 978-81-7035-913-5


Lightning Protection

2013: (Ed.) Shriram Sharma

ISBN: 978-81-7035-835-0


Energy Audit for Professionals

2012: (Eds.) Suresh Kumar Dhungel and
G. Krishnakumar

ISBN: 978-81-7035-805-3


Science and Technology for Rural Development

2012: (Eds.) Seetha I. Wickremasinghe, Ma. Josefina P. Abilay and Jayasamara  Gunaratne

ISBN: 978-81-7035-801-5


Empowering Women through Better Healthcare and Nutrition In Developing Countries

2012: (Eds.) Sheel Sharma & Angella Atwaru Atero

ISBN: 978-81-89233-75-4


Science and Technology Policy for Sustainable Development

2012: (Eds.) Tan Kha Sheng and Dragan Soljan

ISBN: 978-81-7035-785-8


Intellectual Property Rights Management in Developing Countries

2012: (Eds.) Sheila Mavis Nyatlo, Catherina Caballero and M.A.M Fernando

ISBN: 81-7035-780-3


Natural Disasters Policy Issues and Mitigation Strategies

2011: (Ed.) Andi Eka Sakya

ISBN: 978-81-7035-759-9


Nanotechnology – Present Status and Future Prospects in Developing Countries

2011: (Eds.) Harish Padh, Bernard O. Aduda and Ajith P. de Alwis

ISBN: 978-81–7035-707-0


Urbanisation, Land Use, Land Degradation and Environment

2011: (Ed.) Munir Ozturk, Ahmet Ruhi Mermut and Ali Celik

ISBN: 978-81-7035-711-7


Technology Transfer and Small & Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries

2011: (Eds.) K. Ramanathan, Keith Jacobs and M. Bandyopadhyay

ISBN: 81-7035-690-5


Sustainable Utilization of Energy and Biodiversity – Resources for Wealth Creation and Development

2010: (Ed.) B. O. Solomon

ISBN: 978-81-8371-312-2

46. Cleaner Production and Energy Conservation for Sustainable Development 2010: (Eds.)  J. Staniškis and C. Jayaraman

ISBN: 81-7035-636-9
47. Empowerment of Women through Science and Technology Interventions 2010: (Eds.) Nirupama Prakash, Betty McLellan and Barbara Wejnert

ISBN: 81-89233-62-9
48. Surface Engineering 2009: (Eds.) D. Srinivasa Rao and Shrikant V. Joshi

ISBN: 81-7035-628-8
49. Enhancing Change through Science Centres 2009: (Eds.) Aman Kumar Maulloo  and Lebs Mphahlele

ISBN: 81-7035-626-4
50. Microelectronics: Micro and Nano-electronics and Photonics 2009: (Ed.) Dr. Krishan Lal

ISBN: 81-7035-622-9
51. Traditional and Alternative Medicine: Research & Policy Perspectives 2009: (Eds.) Tuley De Silva, Theeshan Bahorun, Manoranjan Sahu and Le Mai Huong

ISBN: 81-7035-614-8
52. The Lightning Phenomenon: Need for Awareness, Detection and Protection from Damage Caused by Lightning 2009: (Eds.) Ravindra Arora and Chandima Gomes

ISBN: 81-7035-579-6
53. Coastal Ecosystems: Hazards,  Management and Rehabilitation 2008: (Ed.) Rattan K. Datta

ISBN: 81-7035-557-5
54. Science & Technology Policy and Indicators for Development: Perspectives from Developing Countries 2008: (Eds.) Seetha I. Wickremasinghe and V.K. Gupta

ISBN: 81-7035-545-1
55. Crop and Forage Production Using Saline Waters 2008: (Eds.) M. Kafi and M. Ajmal Khan

ISBN: 81-7035-531-1
56. Advances in Natural Products: Importance in Health and Economy 2008: (Ed.) Zaheer Ahmed and Ashana Dar

ISBN: 81-7035-530-3
57. Plant Tissue Culture & Transformation Techniques 2008: (Ed.) Balram Sharma

ISBN: 81-7035-527-3
58. Understanding and Forecasting of Monsoons 2008: (Ed.) P.N. Vinayachandran

ISBN: 81-7035-522-2
59. Microelectronics: Wireless Technology and MEMS in the Developing Countries 2007: (Ed.)  V.K. Jain

ISBN: 81-7035-444-7
60. Herbal Medicine, Phytopharmaceuticals and other Natural Products: Trends and Advances

2006: (Eds.)  L.S.R. Arambewela, Sukumal Wimalasena and Neelakanthi Gunawardene


61. Intellectual Property Rights in the NAM and Other Developing Countries – A Compendium on Laws and Policies 2006: Ed. R. Saha

ISBN: 81-7035-439-0
62. Management of Natural Disasters in Developing Countries 2006: (Eds.) H.N. Srivastava and G.D. Gupta
ISBN: 81-7035-425-0
63. The Changing Role of Science Centres and Museums in Developing Countries 2005 : (Ed.) Narender K. Sehgal

ISBN: 81-7035-379-3
64. Mineral Resources and Development 2004: (Eds.) G.S. Roonwal, K. Shahriar and H. Ranjbar

ISBN: 81-7035-364-5
65. Development in Drugs and Pharmaceutical Technology

2004: (Ed.) J. Mishra

66. Technology Selection for Small Hydropower Development 2003
67. The Role of Science Centres in Development Strategies 2003
68. Builder's Handbooks on Low Cost Housing

Vol-1-Asian Region
Vol-2-African Region


ISBN: 81-87490-04-7
ISBN: 81-87490-05-5

69. Technologies for Value Realization of Carcass Byproducts in Developing Countries – A Handbook 2001: (Eds.) by T. Ramasami, M.D. Ranganayaki and  N.R.Rajagopal

ISBN: 81-87490-02-0
70. Louder Lessons in Technology Transfer: Lessons Learned and Case Studies 2000

ISBN: 81-87490-00-4
71. Tissue Culture of Economic Plants, including Genetic Engineering Techniques 1997: (Eds.) C.K. John, Rajani S. Nadgauda and A.F. Mascarenhas

ISBN: 81-900468-7-X
72. Directory of National Measurement System of Non-Aligned Countries 1996

NAM MD-96-1
73. Directory of Indigenous Technologies of Member Countries Available for Transfer 1995

ISBN: 81-900468-4-5
74. Earthquake Resistant Earthen House Construction 1994: (Ed.) D.N. Trikha

ISBN: 81-900468-3-7
75. Low-Cost Housing in Developing Countries 1993: (Ed.) G.C. Mathur

ISBN: 81-204-0774-1
76. A Compendium of Aquaculture Technology for Developing Countries

1993: (Ed.) V.R.P. Sinha

77. Biotechnological Applications for Food Security in Developing Countries 1993: (Ed.) by H.C. Srivastava

ISBN: 81-204-0767-9
  (B)  Monograph:  
78. Blue Economy: An Ocean Science Perspective

2022: (Eds.) Edward R. Urban Jr. and Venugopalan Ittekkot

ISBN ISBN 978-981-19-5064-3 Springer Nature, Singapore

79. Extreme Natural Events: Sustainable Solutions for Developing Countries 2022: (Eds.) A.S. Unnikrishnan, Fredolin Tangang and Raymond J. Durrheim

ISBN 978-981-19-2510-8 Springer Nature, Singapore
80. Lightning: Science, Engineering and Economic Implications for Developing Countries

2021: (Ed.) Chandima Gomes

ISBN 978-981-16-3439-0 Springer Nature, Singapore

  (C)  Workshop Proceedings:  
81. The Enhanced Role of Science Centres and Museums in Developing Strategies 2008: (Ed.) Vinay B. Kamble

ISBN: 81-7035-523-0
82. Microelectronics: Role of Developing Countries in VLSI and Micro-Systems Technology


83. Technology of Application of Pesticide 2004: (Eds.) M.C.N. Jayasuria, S. Bajpai and J. Mishra

ISBN: 81-7035-366-1
84. Microelectronics: Role of VLSI in MEMS 2004

ISBN: 61-67490-06-3
85. Biological Control of Pests and Weeds for Sustainable Development - Proceedings of the Workshop and Collaborative Project Planning Meeting, January 17-20, 2001 2003

ISBN: 81-87490-03-9
86. Medicinal Plants, Their Bioactivity, Screening and Evaluation - Proceedings of the International Workshop, Lucknow (India), December 2-5, 1997


ISBN: 81-900469-9-6

87.. Renewable Energy Applications: PV, Wind and Small Hydro - Proceedings of International Workshop, New Delhi, December 3-7, 1996 1996

ISBN: 81-900468-8-8
New Technologies for Rural Telecommunication - Proceedings of International Workshop, New Delhi, July 8-10, 1995

ISBN: 81-900468-6-1
Ozone Depletion and Management of ODS Phase-Out in Small & Medium Enterprises -Proceedings of  Asian Regional Workshop, New Delhi, February 7-10, 1995

ISBN: 81-900468-5-3
  (D)  State of the Art Reports:  
90. Sustainable Rainwater Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge in Developing Countries 2011: (Eds.) Tanuja N. Ariyananda, A. R. Shivakumar and Vasant Takalkar

ISBN: 978-81-7035-770-4
91. Status Report on Aromatic and Essential Oil-Bearing Plants in NAM Countries 1994: (Ed.) Akhtar Husain

ISBN: 81-900468-2-9
92. Microelectronics: State-of-the-Art Report on Scenario, Activities, Technologies and Its Impact 1993: (Eds.) W.S. Khokle and U.S. Tandon

ISBN: 81-204-0774-1-0
93. Status Report on Medicinal Plants forNAM Countries 1992: (Ed.) Akhtar Husain

ISBN: 81-900468-0-2
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